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From A Local Landscaper Who Is Fed Up Of Working Around Poor Quality Conservatory Bases

Thank You For Looking . . . Please Read. . .

As a landscaper I am sick to the back teeth with having to work around shoddy conservatory bases. Hence why I have added this page to my website.

If you are thinking of having a conservatory built, please make sure the company you choose specifies a suitable base. This should include how many courses will be laid below the Damp Poof Course (DPC) (at least 3 please. 4 or more in some cases) and how deep the footings will be. Also make sure the floor is Building Regs Compliant I.e. ‘Kingspan’.

Where do I start?

• There should be 2 clear bricks below the DPC or 6” (15cm / 150mm). How can a patio be set at 2 below DPC when it exposes the footing?

•  In the pic in this slider, I am pointing at the footing the conservatory is built on. No attempt has been made to build or leave the site in compliance with Building Regs. Only 1 course below DPC . . . . . . . Oh Please!

Conservatory Conservatories Redditch Bromsgrove Studley Alvechurch Conservatory Conservatories Redditch Bromsgrove Studley Alvechurch

Only 1 course of brick below DPC before 4” footing.


It should be at least 2 courses on +12” footing

You often have no idea, on measuring up, that a conservatory base can be so poor. All the areas around this conservatory were at DPC. You can only assume there are at least 2 bricks below all the way around. Also, in this particular case, the footing was a poor 4-5”deep in most places and was no more that 2” in a couple of places. Shocking!

In this case I had to put in a secondary wall to strengthen & disguise the footing.

Granted this particular example is very bad, but you would not believe how many conservatory bases I have worked around that are of poor quality. One was even built by Everest and it was definitely on the piste! Please, for the sake of your chosen landscaper, make sure they build a proper base for your conservatory!!!

Conservatory Conservatories Redditch Bromsgrove Studley Alvechurch Conservatory Conservatories Redditch Bromsgrove Studley Alvechurch

Not that I promote myself as a conservatory base builder, I did build this one as part of the garden project.

The conservatory base has 4 courses below the DPC and is set on over 18” of footing.

Notice the pic above - how the patio starts near the house at the minimum 2 below and, as the patio slopes away from the house, at app 1:100, the 3rd course is gradually exposed. The slab can still be laid next to the brickwork even at its furthest point as there is still a whole brick (the 4th course) before the footing, allowing this to happen.

The Old Adage, ‘Want A Job Done Properly, Do It Yourself!

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